Master of Medical Sciences in Clinical Investigation 

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Harvard Medical School’s Master of Medical Sciences in Clinical Investigation degree provides world-class training in the methods and conduct of clinical discovery for future leaders in patient-oriented and translational research. This two-year program, which requires students to reside in Boston for its duration, combines innovative forms of pedagogy from leading Harvard faculty with an individual mentored research experience.

To complement individual learning and development, the program provides students the choice of a Clinical Investigation or a Translational Investigation track, and places a core emphasis on practical skills and team-based approaches in each track’s training. 

This Harvard Medical School program is designed to facilitate continual access to a multidisciplinary faculty across Harvard schools and labs who are leaders in their fields and to ensure that students are equipped with the necessary tools to launch productive, fulfilling and successful research careers upon graduation.

Clinical Investigation Track

This track is co-led by Finnian R.  Mc Causland and Ajay K. Singh, who both have extensive experience in observational research and clinical trials. The Clinical Investigation track  allows customized learning for students through the pursuit of either a comparative research  pathway or a clinical trials  pathway.

Translational Investigation Track

This track is co-led by Harvard Medical School faculty Rosalyn Adam, PhD, and Martina McGrath, MBBCh, who both have extensive experience in bench and translational research. The Translational Investigation track aims to fill an unmet need in providing training for individuals pursuing a career in basic and/or translational research (i.e., in the T0 to T2 spectrum of translational investigation). 

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 “The MMSCI program is a unique and novel learning experience. It is the perfect combination of learning theoretical concepts and applying them in real life through a mentored research experience with the highest-quality faculty. In addition to its high academic profile, this master’s program is enriched by the outstanding faculty who lead it. They display full-time dedication to our needs while encouraging and helping us with our difficulties along the way. The coordination team does a great job of organizing every activity and is always ready to help. Finally, my class has given me the opportunity to meet colleagues from all over the world, allowing me to learn from their culture and native practice of medicine, and to become great friends with them.
- Lourdes Perez-Chada, MD
MMSCI Student, Class of 2018
Address: 4 Blackfan Circle, Boston, MA 02115.
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